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Greg_L-W. The Basics

Greg Lance-Watkins
Born  26-Jan-1946
Frenchay Hospital Bristol
Named Gregory Lance Watkins
Since C1961
Known as Greg Lance-Watkins

Married & Divorced Maureen Patricia Holmes
One estranged daughter

Re married 31-May-2011
to my partner of 26 years Lee Rowland

Spokesman & Campaign Policy Director
or on a more real basis
struggling to learn how to do the web 'Stuff'
as a late starter in high vacuum!

Greg was taking an active interest in politics back in the early 1960s.

Having been born in Bristol he always claims that having looked at Britain immediately post war his first recorded intelligent action was persuading his parents to take him to India before his first birthday.

Travel was very much a feature of his life for the next 40 years!
Educated at Badminton in Bristol, Jordans in Somerset, a Convent in Valley, Kings in Cambridge and then Clifton in Bristol he went via The Green Jackets to R.M.A. Sandhurst.

He quit the Army on political grounds, opposed to the possibility of British invasion of Rhodesia, yet its failure to oppose Communism in Viet Nam, honestly in British Uniforms.

He actively campaigned for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the 1960s, subsequently actively supporting basic homosexual rights - later actively campaigning for black rights and an end to apartheid in South Africa and was in SOWETO in 1976.

Greg returned to Britain, via South America, the islands of The Dutch Antilles, The Caribbean and a coast to coasts and back drive around America.

He finally arrived back in Britain in 1980, shocked at how foreign Britain had become in the nearly 10 years he had been away, he started actively campaigning in local and national politics. Though never seeking any office himself or deriving any income from his politics. 

He resurrected his 1960s opposition to membership of the malign EC then EEC, then EU and now since 01-Dec-2009 the centralised undemocratic supra national nascent EU State with its banner, armed police, official song and burgeoning military force, that looks all too likely to have its first and most consistent job as mercenaries turned on the civil population.

Greg brings a wealth of experience and detailed political knowledge to the Alliance and was a natural to be PR & spokesman and campaign policy director.

For more information on Greg L-W., a controversial figure to many, based on deliberate miss information largely published by his no holds barred denunciation of corruption, child abuse, racism, anti Judaism or any other groupings based on their colour, creed, legally held perversions or ethnicity.

Greg currently has an active role in a Cancer Help Line his help is freely available intensly practical caringly brutal and based on his own all too extensive personal experience. He first presented with the symptoms in November 1998 and is still here today with lots more to do after Kidney Cancer and a radical nephrectomy with MRSA to the wound! and subsequent bladder cancer so he can help with other cancers his main field of experience is Urological Cancers!

To follow his Cancer Journey CLICK HERE

Another area he tries to help is by empowering the abused whether sexually or physical, adult or child see his open site at:

Follow up on some of his other interests and activities just

After having had a look around my various blogs etc. if you have ANY reasonable questions or find any facts require verification or greater clarification please do not hesitate to contact me - I am fortunate that in a long and very varied life I have absolutely nothing which I wish, or need, to hide ;-)
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 - 62 65 62
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